Compliance Audit and Other Assessment

Frequency or Circumstances of Assessment

The Compliance Auditor shall perform an audit on an annual basis of all active CAs.

Identity/Qualifications of Compliance Auditor

The compliance audit of the CAs will be performed by an auditor ("Compliance Auditor") which possesses the following qualifications and skills:

  • Ability to conduct an audit that addresses the criteria of the audit schemes specified in ยง8.4;

  • Bound by Entrust professional code of ethics.

Compliance Auditor's Relationship to Audited Party

The Compliance Auditor is an internal employee on the Entrust Compliance and Audit team.

Topics Covered by Compliance Audit

Verify that all CAs comply with the requirements of the current version of this CPS.

Actions Taken as a Result of Deficiency

Upon receipt of a compliance audit that identifies any deficiencies, the audited CA will correct any such deficiencies in an expeditious manner.

Communication of Result

The results of all compliance audits will be communicated to the Policy Authority.