Publication and Repository Responsibilities

Entrust maintains the Repository to store various information related to Certificates and the operation of the CAs. This CPS and related information is published in the Repository.


Entrust maintains the Repository to allow access to Certificate-related and Certificate revocation information. The information in the Repository is accessible through a web interface, available on a 24x7 basis and is periodically updated as set forth in this CPS. The Repository is the only approved source for CRL and other information about Certificates.

PKIaaS will adhere to the latest version of the CPS published in the Repository.

The Repository can be accessed at

Publication of Certification Information

PKIaaS publishes this CPS, CA Certificates, its form of Agreement, and CRLs in the Repositories.

Time or Frequency of Publication

The CPS will be re-issued and published at least once per year.

CRLs will be updated as per §4.9.7.

OCSP responses will be updated as per §4.9.10.

Access Controls on Repositories

Information published in the Repository is public information. Read only access is unrestricted. Entrust has implemented logical and physical controls to prevent unauthorized write access to its Repositories.